2018 CowbellPedia Academy Facilitators

Professor Bernardo Recamán Santos acquired his mathematics degrees journeying from the Colegio San Carlos de Bogotá through St. Benedict Completo School, Ealing, London, and graduated from the University of Warwick where he studied Mathematics and returned as Professor of Mathematics to Colegio San Carlos.

A past Director of the Ministry of Education (Colombia) and the architect of the controversial Decree 230/2002 on the promotion of students, Professor Bernardo Recamán Santos brought up reading Martin Gardner's famous Mathematical Games column in Scientific American.

As a Mathematician, Author and Teacher, Bernardo is a true believer in the potential of Recreational mathematics in enhancing mathematical education. He was Professor of the school of the world Kingdom of the South Africa in Swaziland and also thought in several Universities across the world including Africa.

He is the author of Challenging Brain Teasers (Sterling, New York), "Bring me a problem", "Numbers, A Story To Tell", the popular "Recamán Sequence" and other books published in Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Italy.

Karam Aloui, is an Associate Professor Mathematics majored in Research and lecturing at the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax (Tunisia). Karam was awarded a doctorate degree (PhD) in Mathematics from the University of Aix-Marseille (France) in 2014 and got his Master degree in Mathematics from same institution in 2009.

His academic exploits are centred in Analytic Number Theory, Arithmetic topics, Pure Mathematics, Numbers theory and Combinatorics.

He is the Secretary of the Pan African Mathematics Olympiad Committee PAMOC, member of the Tunisian Association for Mathematical Sciences (ATSM) and the Tunisian Association for Mathematical Culture and Competitions (ATCCM) contributing to the selection of the Tunisian team for the Pan African Mathematics Olympiad and the International Mathematics Olympiad also a Co-organizer of the "Maths en Jean" club in Lycée Pierre Mendès-France in Tunis targeting to spread Mathematical culture among secondary level pupils.